I am so happy to introduce my free online class to you all, Play With Black. 

Join me as we delve into the dark side of mixed media! Working with only a few supplies, let’s explore a variety of ways black and its values  can be used to create a gorgeous, layered art journal page.

Black is often a color which is overlooked when working with our mixed media projects. With so many other amazing colors available, it's easy to do.

This class will give you the confidence to explore this wonderful color and all of the tones that can be created with it. You'll learn several mixed media techniques using your supplies to create a journal spread that not only has wonderful depth, but gorgeous texture as well.

The best thing about this class? It's available to you for free right now. I will lead you through making this journal spread step by step and breakdown all of the supplies and techniques I use along the way. Whether you are a beginner at Art Journalling and Mixed Media or well established in this art practice I promise you will learn new tips and practices. 


So join in and look inside yourself, you'll see your heart is “black” and that is a wonderful thing!