Jessica Sporn Welcome Summer Blog Hop

Hello everyone and welcome to the Hello Summer blog hop with some of my fellow design team members from Jessica Sporn Designs.

For this project I wanted to make something that would serve me well for the coming summer months. And summer to me means sitting outside whenever I can and enjoying as many barbque dinners as possible. Living in Ireland means that this is not always a possibility so we certainly make the most of it whenever we can!

So I decided to make these fun little tea light holders which will make a lovely addition to the table outside whenever we get to enjoy an evening outside.

To start of with I took the Retro flowers and circles stencil and outlined sections of the design onto my glass tea light holders. I used a very fine permanent marker to do this and just took my time outlining. Because the stencils are very flexible it was quite easy for me to bend them around the outside of the glass holder.

Then I took some gold outlining paint for glass and went over all of the lines I had drawn in black. Take your time here as some of the smaller elements can be tricky! Don't worry if you make a mistake it's quite easy to remove the liner while it is still wet, keep a cotton bud on hand and you'll be fine!

Once the liner has dried completely it's time to paint in the design using your glass paints. I had three colours, red, green and blue. I wanted to keep it quite simple for my design and these colours really pop against the gold outline.

The glass paint is a solvent based paint so you don't want to be using your best paintbrushes for this project. When I was working I painted in all the red spots, then the green then the blue. It really doesn't matter what order you colour them I was more trying to avoid washing my brush as much as possible. It can be tricky to get it cleaned out properly.

Leave your tea lights to dry completly before you use them as the glass paints can take a lot longer to dry than acrylic paints. It can seem dry but still be tacky so best to leave overnight.

You'll have to check your own glass paints instructions to see if you can wash these or not, some will vary. Mine can be washed but only by hand, they are not dishwasher proof. Enjoy them on your next summer BBQ table!

Jessica is giving away the lovely Women Will Heal the World stencil so be sure to comment below to be in with a chance to win. Please be sure to keep hopping over to Marit, Kristin and Jessica's blog and comment there to give yourself more chances to win.

The giveaway ends 12th June at 6pm EST and the winner will be announced on Jessica's blog on the 13th June!