Easy Art Journal Page Ideas Using One Color

OK so you all have to promise not to laugh at me ok? PROMISE?? This is my attempt at a minimalist art journal page. I know right, pretty funny right? In an attempt to be minimalist I restricted myself to three colors for this journal page and I hope it inspires you guys as well!

Choosing colors isn't always easy, especially when you're just starting out with art journal. I wanted to create my version of a minimalist art journal page and that was by limiting myself to only one color, blue. Join me as I create this simple page using only paint, my brushes and some simple collage items, this page is perfect for the beginner art journaller!

Hands don't co operate

So I love to look at beautiful images of journals with all that white space and simplicity. For some reason though I just cannot get my hands and my brain to co operate with this concept though. It's just not in my DNA so this page is my attempt at my own version of minimalist

Ombre it up

So to keep things simple I limited myself to one color and I went with blue as I had quite a few shades of it to hand. Playing with the different shades and tones of blue on the one page was a lot of fun and something I definietly want to do again, it was just so much easier than worrying which color went with what!

Experiment with your brushes

I am sure that you have quite a few (read a million for me) brushes lying around but it can be easy to just reach for the same one over and over and just use it to blend in your paints. In this spread I use the shape of the whole brush to make my own marks. It was super fun to paint all of these little square shapes onto my page.

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