How to Art Journal when you're too scared to start

So it might surprise you to hear this but I wanted to start Art Journaling for about a year before I actually picked anything up and made anything inside of a journal. I was scared, scared of so many things but mostly of not being good enough. It's so funny all of the silly things we think inside our heads isn't? Well let's get over whatever is stoping you from starting together ok?

Finding your style, Where is my style? It's something I hear again and again when I speak with people starting out in Art Journaling or Mixed media. I'm talking about this and offering you a free workbook to download to help you find and develop your own style!


1. Go get a journal

So it might sound really obvious, but you need something to work in when you sit down to create right? Assuming you've not started yet it can be quite daunting to try and figure out what kind of journal could be right for you, too many choices!

I felt the same when I was looking at journals so you know what I did? I jus went ahead and bought a cheap and cheerful one. My reason behind this was that I didn't care that much about it so I didn't mind if I messed it up a bit, I wasn't to afraid to get started in a super fancy journal.

My reasoning went something like this... 

"I'll buy an el cheapo book and if I like it and it's something that sticks I'll invest in something better that I can grow in" 

Many, many, many journals later I would say it worked! 

2. Use what you have

Don't go out and spend piles of money on a whole load of art supplies right off the bat, you have no idea if you're going to love it (spoiler alert, you will!) and you might even go buy things you have no idea how to use or feel intimidated by.

When I first started out I had a bit of a collection of scrapbooking supplies and some really old acrylic paints. So I bought a couple of cheap brushes and I started from there. I built my collection gradually over time, one Liquitex Paint Marker at a time! 

Some great supplies I am sure you have to hand or can get for very cheap are;

- Felt tip pens - these can often be used with water to create really cool effects

- Magazines / Catalogues - These are everywhere and are a great source of color inspiration and collage material

- Children's Art Supplies - if you have kids you have everything you need in the house already to get going I am sure. Glue sticks, glitter, paints, gel pens to name but a few. If you don't have kids there is no reason you can't go to the store and pick up one of those large art sets made for them. These are a great inexpensive way to try out a whole range of supplies.

3. Don't get sucked into the Pintrest black hole

Ok, we are all SUPER guilty of this one (double hands up for me!) and it's so easy to do. We type in "art journal ideas" into Pintrest and then six hours later we emerge from the black hole 

Having a style doesn’t come quickly

I know I said I wasn’t going to use that quote but you have to give your style some time to develop and you can only do that from making, making and making some more. Trying on different styles you like and taking things from it that work is so important.


Let’s dig a little deeper!

What if there was something that could help you work though identifying your style and give you some great ideas of ways to grow it? Wouldn’t that be great? Well my friend, I got your back! I’ve created the “Map Your Style Workbook” and you can get it for free from me right now!

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The workbook is broken into two sections. Firstly we look at your style and how to identify it with a series of excercises. The next section takes the elements of our style we already have and works on ways to grow it more, to push you (gently!) outside of your comfort zone!

So what are you waiting for! Join me and help Map Your Style right now!