Creating An Art Journal Page Collage With Magazine Cutouts

It's been a hot minute since I posted and even created anything that was new and I have to say I have been museless (is that even a word?!) for quite a wee while now. I'm not sure what it was exactly but it was a severe funk non the less.

Determined to pull myself out of it and get creating again I pulled out a compositon book that had been languishing and got creative with a simple collage piece.

Art Journal Page Collage With Magazine Cutouts Cut and paste in your art journal with me as we add in all of the bits of mixed media supplies that we all have lying around our desk! Create a perfectly imperfect junk collage with a great focal point.

Change your scenery

I couldn't bring myself just yet to dig out my full art journal so I changed things up by using this gridded book I had bought a long time ago. If you've been following me you will know that minimalist is not in my vocabulary but there is something about the gridded squares that make me feel like I am not leaving too much white space even when I am!

It's really an art journal graph

This collage was super simple and easy to bring together because the whole compositon was built on two intersecting lines, a graph line if you will. Keeping the elements moving along an intersecting vertical and horizontal line brings the eye along of a nice little journey

Now with more Ugh!

A few wee mistakes on this spread which you will see in the video. A few things I would definitley change and do differently next time. You can spot where these are in the video  because I tell you all about them! I was cursing the rub on that's for sure.

I worked around these mistakes though and while I am not 100% happy with elements of the spread, I created it and that was far more important to me than having something that was perfect!

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