What is Paper Ephemera?

Sometimes I think that the word "Ephemera" is thrown around so much in the mixed media and art journaling world that it can become a confusing "jargon" word for many people. So I wanted to take a minute to break it down and show you exactly what it is and what a great (and free!) supply it can be!)

Sometimes I feel like the word "ephemera" is thrown around so much in the mixed media and art journal community that it can sometimes be lost in translation. It becomes a "jargon" word and anyone new to the community doesn't know what exactly it means.  Well I'm here to show you exactly what paper ephemera can look like and what to look out for to inspire your next mixed media creation!

Define it!

Ephemera is defined as 

Things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time.
Collectable items that were orgininally expected to have only a short-term usefulness or popularity

So paper ephemera is really things that you would collect that have only been created for short term use. Things like advertising literature (think brochures and leaflets), packing and wrappers, greeting cards and postcards.

Collect it!

So I am always on the look out for ephemera to collect and add to my stash. Heck when I was in work one time I saw a cool shopping bag with this awesome fly design on the front of it. You can bet I pulled it out of the recycle bin and took it to use in my art journaling!

I'm sharing with you my collection of paper ephemera and my entire paper stash in this video so that you can get some hints and tips on what to collect for yourself.

Use it!

I'm always adding ephemera to my art journal pages. It could be a magazine image or a paper wrapper, anything at all that catches my eye. I am always on the look out for inspiration when I am out and about.

If you start training your eye to look out for interesting supplies when you are out and about you will be surprised what you may uncover!

Next week I'll be sharing some ephemera that I have found out and about this week and I would love to see some photos of yours! Tag me on instagram so that I can see them all!

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