Image Transfer with Packing Tape

In this tutorial I am going to be sharing how to do an image transfer with packing tape. Using image transfers can be a lot of fun in your art journals and mixed media projects and they are a great way to achieve an easy, no bulk, layer to your work.

Image Transfer Collage - I'm sharing a mixed media art journal tutorial with you using packing tape to create an image transfer collage. I love to use image transfers in my art journal and working with packing tape is one of the easiest methods. Join me and I will show you how!

Packing tape and spoon

The supplies for this tutorial are pretty small. You need your packing tape and you need a spoon. After that you just need a magazine image to work with for your transfer.

Layer it up baby

The packing tape has very little stick left in it once it has been soaking so you'll need to apply some extra glue to adhere it to your page. I'd recommend something like a glue stick (I used UHU) Wet glue can cause the tape to buckle.

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