Make Your Own Custom Notebook Cover

Welcome to my series of tutorials this month covering gift ideas that you can easily make and give away to your arty friends or even end up keeping for yourself.

I picked up this little set of three notebooks for super cheap in Flying Tiger but I am sure you can find something similar very easily. Their sturdy kraft covers mean they are perfect for altering.

   Make Your Own Custom Notebook Cover  I'm sharing some simple and easy gift tutorials that you can make and give away as gifts to your friends and family. I purchased these simple kraft paper notebooks in a set and by adding some simple alterations with these inky moons take them to the next level.

Full moon half moon

I could seriously make these inky moons all day everyday. It never gets old watching the ink move across the page on the water never fails to amaze me.

All tied up with string

These little notebooks are perfect to give away as a set wrapped up in a pretty little bundle. You could totally change the color of your moons to perhaps a pink or blue moon depending on your recipients color favorite.

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