Make Your Own Envelope Journal Part Two

Welcome to my series of tutorials this month covering gift ideas that you can easily make and give away to your arty friends or even end up keeping for yourself.

This is part two of making your own envelope journal, if you haven't already checked out part one make sure you do as this tutorial builds on the previous one.

   Make Your Own Envelope Art Journal  This month on my youtube channel I am sharing several tutorials which will be perfect to give away as gifts. Like it or not Christmas is coming at this stage and I am always stuck for things to give my arty friends. This little journal is the perfect gift and it can be customised perfectly for the person you are giving it to!

Decorating Your Journal 

Now we have less exciting part of making our journal done we can get to the fun part of decorating it! I've used stencils and paint for the front part of my journal as well as some book text and printed gelli papers I had in my stash.

Personalise, Personalise, Personalise!

The wonderful part about this little journal is that you can completely personalise it for the person that you are making it for. Spend your time selecting little bits and pieces to add in to make it extra special.

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