How to Save an Ugly Art Journal Page

We've all been there right? A page starts out OK but then very quickly decends into pure ugliness. This happened to me recently when I picked out one of the worst colors in my paint repertoire and there was a lot of work to get it somewhere I was happy with.

There is nothing worse than an ugly art journal page is there? When I started working in my mixed media art journal this page was the WORST but I worked through it and managed to save it! Watch me create in my video art tutorial #mixedmedia #artjournal #artjournaltutorial

just keep going

I think that the most important thing to remember when working through the ugly phase is to remember that it is just a phase and you can reach the other side. There are lots of ways to work through it and for this time around I relied on my old friend, gesso to dilute the color and push it back again before moving on.

start over again

Remember, this is just paper and paint, everything can be fixed. Either by adding layers of more paint on top or even by painting over completley with gesso and starting from scratch. This is YOUR journal page and you can do what you dang well please.

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